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My hand jUST

Anonymous whispered: for the shipping ask meme!! harutaka :>

"Move forward"

This is my entry for the Kagepro Fanbook. Kenjirou is one of my favorite pjs and i want to him to be more stronger. Ayano, Kido, Seto and Kano ended orphans because of that… I wish a happy ending for everyone. A truly happy ending.

Azami is there too because OTP she learned to move forward, and i wish a happy life to her ;;


I don’t even know.
I want to draw yaoi
But I’m a derp if it comes to porn
You will see my sloppy attempts on porn, I’m so sorry for you orz

Have Shinkono
Don’t know which one I should do next. orz


no you’re a fucking dick


it’s not a ‘see you later’, it’s a ‘goodbye’


brotp is becoming otp oops


0709 by:ケセラ

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A comic for the ShinKono day! Its down the cut. English isnt my first language, so, im sorry if theres something wrong. You can correct me if you want!

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- 2 months ago
shura-elvengren whispered: Hello, I've been wanting to say this for a long time but I'm p shy and yea but *dEEP BREATH* I think your blog is very cool and I love your art ohgosh I'm awkward and stuff but yea just ignore me ok ok ;; And happy early shinkono day to you boo ;v;)/ Shura out, may shinkono be eternal.

Thank you very much ;; i dont know what to say omg. I appreciate you waste your time to leave this message and happy early ShinKono day for you too! I will upload something for the 7/9 but i dont know when do it Uu

Thanks again ;;